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Our menu

Discover the diversity of South Tyrolean cuisine on offer here in Schlernhex, and be inspired by our tasty dishes!

Daily specials, always fresh, always different: take a look at our daily specials menu to find seasonal South Tyrolean dishes, lovingly prepared here in our restaurant. 


Closed on Tuesdays.

Paula`s mixed salad with grilled turkey and chilli sauce14,20 €
Tyrolean smocked cold meat with “Speck”, dried beef, smocked cheese an “Kaminwurze” (smocked sausage) with horseradish15,00 €
Local farmers' Speck14,00 €
Tyrolean “Speckknödel” (dumplings)

7,20 €

Homemade pancake soup (soup with thinly cut pancakes) in consommé

6,50 €

Schlern Witch Dumplings with four dumplings, melted butter an parmesan cheese11,90 €
Homemade “Spätzle” (a Tyrolean pasta dish) with Speck an cream10,20 €
Homemade “Schlutzkrapfen” filled with spinach and topped with melted butter an parmesan cheese11,90 €
Small Wienerschnitzel (cutlet) with French Fries10,20 €
Maccheroni (noodles) with tomato sauce5,50 €
Frankfurter sausage with mayonnaise, ketchup and French Fries8,20 €
Small portion of Spinachspätzle with Speck an cream7,50 €
Wienerschnitzel (cutlet) with French Fries and crisp mixed salad17,20 €
Cordon Bleu with French Fries and mixed salad18,20 €
Pork tenderloin coated with Speck and pepper sauce, steamed rice and mixed salad18,20 €
Beef goulash from the witches’ cuisine with South Tyrolean dumplings and mixed salad17,90 €
Local roasted Beef Entrecôte with herb-butter, roasted potatoes and mixed salad21,90 €
Grilled turkey with roasted potatoes and mixed salad17,20 €
Sweet cheese dumplings with nougat chocolate9,20 €
“Kaiserschmarren” (thinly cut pancake) with cranberries10,90 €
Homemade Applestrudel4,00 €
Buckwheat cake with cranberries4,00 €
Truffle Ice with Espresso5,70 €

Basically, we cook with fresh products. If necessary, deep-frozen products are used.